Three Reasons to go Solarmine

Solarmine is the new revolutionary method to help reduce and control your energy costs. The cost of energy over the last few years has risen dramatically, with continued growth in population and additional demands for energy, these costs are predicted to continue rising.

You now have a choice to take back some control through the use of Solarmine. Unlike other options on the market, Solarmine allows you all the benefits of cheap, clean electricity without needing to spend money to get the system installed. Each system is designed specifically to your needs; there is no upfront cost and you will start saving from day one. Take first step to control your energy today by completing and sending in enquiry form below. We will take care of the rest for you.

Step 1 – Free consultation, site survey and system design.
Our consultant will help you to understand the power consumption of your household and identify how a Solarmine system can save you money at no cost to you. The consultant will go through each step with you and answer all the questions you may have. This can all be done at your convenience. The solar system is custom designed for your home at no cost to you. It will take into account your power consumption, your house orientation, your roof area, your household activities and the surroundings of your home.

Step 2 – Free connection application.
The grid connection application will be completed and lodged on your behalf together with the custom solar system design, at no cost to you. We will let you know once the application is approved.

Step 3 – Free installation.
We will contact you after the connection application is approved. The solar system installation will be carried out by skilled installers on a date that is convenient to you.

Step 4 – Free monitoring.
Solarmine free monitoring provides you with the means of checking exactly how much solar energy is generated. Solarmine will offer the Solarmine portal at no cost to you. Sharing your data with friends is easy with the Solarmine Android app and app for the iPhone and the iPad. You can monitor exactly how much electricity the solar system produces at any time. You can then adjust the timing of your electricity consumption to make the most of your saving. Solarmine also guarantees the performance of the solar system on your roof for the life of the contract.

Step 5 – Free onsite maintenance and service.
Your savings starts with a guaranteed lower payment from day one. Solarmine fixed price protects you from the ever increasing electricity costs! You will have a peace of mind knowing Solarmine will take care of the system maintenance and repair free of charge to you. You can sit back, enjoy solar energy and protect the environment.

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